Sweet Mary Jane

This was the piece that pretty much started me on the path I walk today. I knew I wanted to do full digital/3d printed pieces, and I met Mark Brooks through a mutual friend. Mark gave me his blessing to sculpt out the piece, and then revealed it to him at SDCC later that year. This piece landed me quite a bit of work with Sideshow Collectibles, who saw the potential for full digital sculpts. Working on this piece was a blast, as Mark's original art ended at the bottom of the feet. To round it out, we came up with a plan over the phone, discussing what else to include. The Venom plushie was the result (which spawned a small rash of other statues afterwards with character plushies sculpted in) and it just worked too well! I presented the original and only painted version to Mark as a gift, and he returned the favor with a wicked Iron Man piece of original art. Mark and I have gone on to work on pieces since then, and he remains one of the best friends and co-workers that I have here in t